Tamara has always used her camera to move in close to her subjects, getting up close and personal with them.  The majority of her tribal portraits have been candid, non-posed, photographs taken under stressful environmental conditions.  The conditions ranged in discomfort from extreme weather temperatures to high levels of aggressiveness among certain tribes.   At times her subjects stare directly into the camera demonstrating the strength of their personas and their levels of trust/distrust they feel towards her.  Tamara has immersed herself into tribal life for a period of time in order for tribal members to become comfortable with her presence.

Ms. Singer's images interpret and record the world's fast-disappearing native cultures.  While on expedition, Tamara favors the digital Canon EOS 30D camera, the Canon EF 24-70mm lens, and the Sigma EX DG 8mm Fisheye lens.  Video footage for Tribal Encounters was filmed using a digital JVC mini DV. 

Having lead tribe trekking expeditions for the past eight years, Tamara has researched specific areas of interest and planned itinerary details for safe and successful journeys for her team.  

Tamara Singer was born and raised in New York and educated at the State University College at Buffalo, where she earned a degree in Psychology.  Her passion for travel began when she was sixteen years old and her father took her to India on a safari for a month.  Although the tigers and rhinos were fantastic, the people in the remote villages fascinated her most.  She has been traveling ever since to remote parts of the world to interact with unusual and inspiring people.

Tamara Singer is an accomplished cultural preservation photographer, working with indigenous tribes throughout Africa and Asia.  She is dedicated to photographing the disappearing rituals and customs of these people, recording their culture for others to learn from.

Her most recent photographic journeys have been to Myanmar, Morocco, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Thailand and Borneo.  “Reaching the tribal communities in these remote regions of the world has been dangerous, but well worth the journey.”  She has traveled by camel caravan, been caught in near death flash flooding, and dined with headhunters. 

Before photographing indigenous people, Ms. Singer was a nationally published musician and celebrity photographer.  Most of her work focused on live concert photography, working with challenging lighting and stage motion, as well as choreographed studio photography for promotional use for record companies.

Ms. Singer has always believed in living life to the fullest and enriching life with new experiences.  Besides for being an artist, she is a true adventurer and explorer achieving the highs and lows of bungee jumping, sky diving, hang gliding, caving, scuba and jet skiing.   

Tamara lives in Warwick, New York where she enjoys the balance of the peace and tranquility of the mountains.  She spends her spare time plotting her next worldly adventures and enjoying the outdoors.   Her upcoming tribal destinations include Papua New Guinea, Southern India, and the Amazon. She is also a member of The Explorer's Club in New York City